The mind of the Province was venture into new talukas of the State of Goa. One conspicuous absence was in Goa’s largest taluka – Sanguem. That gap was filled in July 2012 when the Capuchins in Goa started their presence in Kalay (Kalem), Sanguem. This is a small village, south-west of Goa. The Kalay friary is nothing but a Farm house, known to all as a Capuchin farm house.

For all you lovers of history, this farm in Kalem was earlier known as “Heaven rose”. The original land owner was Mr. Jawahar Xavier and his wife Judith. They had worked on it for almost 25 years; they gave their all to develop the land. Then they decided that they had done enough. The time had come for them to move on. They wanted fresh hands on the field. However, more that that, they wished to entrust the ownership of this land to some nature lovers, who would appreciate this labour of love and continue working on it.

It was here that the Capuchins came forward to purchase this land flowing with “milk and honey”. The efforts took nearly two years  and ate into a great deal of the resources of the Province. Nevertheless, it was surely worth the wait and every pie. The Capuchins now have a land with yielding cashew trees, pepper vines, Palmolien palms, cocunut palms, arecanut and some fruit bearing trees. The construction work of the friary, though, is still underway. Well then, if you are a lover of nature and are not averse to soiling your hands, then the Capuchin Farm house at Kalem is the place where you ought to be.

“So, come and enjoy the beauty of Nature!”

Vestition of Novices – 01/06/2020

Brs. Conrad D’souza, Ralph Cardozo, Chris Fernandes