BR. MAURO JÖHRI General Minister


Br. Stefan Kozuh Vicar General

Br. Mark Schenk I Councillor

Br. Pio Murat II Councillor

Br. Sergio Dal Moro III Councillor

Br. Raffaele Della Torre IV Councillor

Br. Michael Fernandes V Councillor

Br. Hugo Mejia Morales VI Councillor

Br. Jean-Bertin Nadonye Ndongo VII Councillor

Br. Victorius Dwiardy VIII Councillor  




84th General Chapter of the Order
General Minister and Definitors of the Capuchin Order

From left to right: Michael Fernandes (Province of Maharahstra), Pio Murat (Province of France), Jean-Bertin Nadone (General Vice-Province of Congo), Mark Schenk (Province of Mid-America), Mauro Johri (Swiss Province), Stefan Kozuh (Province of Slovenia), Cesar Acuin (Province of the Philippines), Raffaele Della Torre (Province of Lombardia), Sergio Marcello Dal Moro (Province of Rio Grande del Sud), Hugo Martin Mejia Morale (Province of Peru).


Br. Clayton Fernandes (Prov. of Goa), Secretary-General,

Br. Damian Philip Pereira (Province of Tamil Nadu, India), general vice-secretary

Br. Ervian Araújo de Souza (Province of Bahia and Sergipe, Brazil), responsible for the Current Archives and the Registry.

The presence and work of 5 language secretaries is also invaluable:

Br. Jean-Marcel Rossini – for French

Br. Charles Sammons – for English

Br. Umberto Losacco – for Italian

Br. Marek Przeczewski – for Polish Br. Francisco Lopes De Sousa Neto – for Portuguese