Gulf Mission

1. Br. Xavier M. D’souza
    Holy Family Church,


2. Br. Gaspar Fernandes

    Sacred Heart Church,


3. Br. Rodson Goes

    St. Michael Church,


4. Br. Fransquinho Gomes

    St. Mary Church,


Australia Mission

1. Br. Eldridge D’Souza

    182 Power Street

    Hawthorn Vic 3122


2. Br. Vincy D’Costa

    Good Shepherd Catholic Church

    P.O. Box 91,

    Plumpton  NSW 2761


    Friary: (02) 9675 7685

    Parish: (02) 9832 4461

    Fax: (02) 9625 3974

    e-mail: parishpr(at)

Mexico Mission

After the passing away of Br. Godwin Lobo, while at the Mexico Mission itself, and the recent return of Br. John Thomas Fernandes to the Province here in Goa after 6 years in the mission at Mexico, two of our brothers will be leaving shortly for the Mexico mission. Presently the paperwork is underway, and some remote preparations too are being done. As soon as some concrete news presents itself, this block will bear it.