Br. Roberto Genuin, OFM. Cap

(New General Minister)

Br. Roberto Genuin, was elected Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, on 3rd September, 2018 during the 85th General Chapter, held at Collegio Internazionale San Lorenzo da Brindisi, Roma, Italia. He will remain in office for the duration of six years term.

Br. Roberto hails from the Province of Venice in Italy. He is assisted by the Vicar General and eight more Councillors from across the continents.

Br. Waldheim D’Costa Rodrigues

(Minister Provincial)

St. Anthony Province, Goa, of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, and having obtained the consent of the General Council on June 29, 2020, thereupon proceeded to appoint the Provincial Minister and the Councillors.

Those appointed are: –

  • Provincial Minister: Br. Waldheim Rodrigues
  • Provincial Vicar: Br. Bruno Leitao
  • 2nd Councillor: Br. Kennedy Menezes
  • 3rd Councillor: Br. Estevao Rodrigues
  • 4th Councillor: Br. Cipriano Dias

1st Class relic & Festal celebration of St. Anthony of Padua 2021